Hip Revision Surgery - Reasons for Surgery & Safety Tips Hip Revision Surgery - Reasons for Surgery & Safety Tips

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Each surgeon has innumerable reasons for choosing one device over anotherincluding his or her personal experience as well as tool and implantation method preferences.

Mobile-bearing prostheses allow the polyethylene insert to rotate short distances inside the metal tibial tray.

Reasons for Revision Surgery

Chee W, Jivraj S. It is also the least expensive bearing. The most common approach uses a bone cement to hold components in place.

Whether or not a medical team uses a personalized guide, surgical planning is important and you should not hesitate to speak to your surgeon about it prior to surgery.

Knee Replacement Surgery With Attune

Attune knee replacements include metal and plastic parts. Inthe FDA issued a communication regarding metal-on-metal implants, indicating some concern and need for further study or review.

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The patient was instructed in maintenance and hygiene procedures associated with the fixed dentures. Melsen B, Fiorelli G. Then, the surgeon implants the new device.

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An attorney familiar with hip recall litigation should review the case. The newer, highly crosslinked polyethylene liners have shown potential wear rates as little as 0.

If you suspect that your replacement hip is defective or has been recalled, you should consult with your surgeon as soon as possible. The potential wear rate for this type of implant is less than Metal-on-Polyethylene.

Choosing a Device

The treatment can vary depending on the nature of the injury. New ceramics offer improved strength and more versatile sizing options.

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Fact Tibial loosening happens when the plate attached to one of the lower leg bones comes loose. It offers a high degree of flexion—typically about degrees—and is available in 90 different size combinations and 10 femoral size options to increase overall comfort.

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In the weeks before surgery, patients may undergo physical therapy. They may use a bone graft bone transplant to repair the hip. Therefore, insertion of 3 dental implants after regaining the adequate interocclusal space by a maxillary alveoloplasty would be performed.

Recovery time is generally similar.