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Although they tried to separate, their love was too strong for them to stay apart for long. Stefano, who is seeking Free armed forces dating retrieve his art treasures from Vivian Alamainturns Hope back into Gina to help him.

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When Theo finally woke up from his comma, Ciara confessed to him her feelings for him. Hope returned and developed a serious crush on Roman Brady, and tried her best to get him. Bo and Hope remained respectful of each other, but when Hope started taking sleeping pills to relax, she became another woman.

Bo leaves Salem to work for the ISA and promises his family he will return, but after many months without hearing from him, Hope begin to doubt Bo is coming back. He wouldn't admit to himself that he had feelings for Hope.

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Everyone was thrilled to see them and the whole town celebrated in the new Horton Town Square. Just as Dean turned his sights to Hope, Bo rushed in and saved the day.

With Chelsea as the matched donor, Bo underwent a successful surgery.

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Everything seemed to be getting better, and Hope was even trying to work on accepting Bo's long-lost daughter Chelsea, but her world fell apart when Zack died after being the victim of a hit and run on New Year's Eve.

For a while, three years to be exact, they stayed away from Salem.

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The ruse is briefly successful but Marlena and Shawn discover the truth and rush to stop the wedding of Bo and the false "Hope" on News Year's Eve Hope supported Bo in his decision. Fortunately, his free time proved valuable when Caroline was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

When Abe left his position as police commissioner, the job was offered to Hope but she turned it down because she felt like it would take too much time away from her family, especially Ciara. She came to believe that the baby was John's, but the truth was stranger.

Bo was able to care for Caroline.


Eventually she worked with Dr. While there, he had them drugged and held in prison until they agreed to go back under his mind control so that they could steal back a valuable piece of artwork. Return to Days of our Lives[ edit ] She returned to the show for a third time in May as "Gina," an amnesiac who looked a lot like Hope.

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InBo and Hope travel to Ireland to meet Colleen Brady after revealing the Brady-DiMera feud, but the group is involved in a plane crash; Grandpa Shawn Brady is killed, and everyone else is injured. When John returned to Salem in the spring ofhe told Hope that he'd seen Bo and had a letter for Hope.

While on the run, they collected the rest of the proof they needed to prove what was happening. Eventually they lost custody of little J. Hope and Stefano then travel to Paris where they are held prisoner by the real Gina as she tries to reclaim her life.

Hope accused Aiden of being too judgmental.

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Hope questioned many suspects, and was shocked to discover that the evidence pointed to Gabi as the shooter. Stefano explained that there were two envelopes in the box.

On November 11,while searching through Alice's effects, Hope and her cousin Jennifer Horton find a clock bearing the symbol of a phoenix, meaning Alice's secrets point to Stefano.

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Bo eventually recovers and finds Hope in the Dimera Mansion in poor health. The marriage was not to last, however, and Larry died within one year.

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During this time, it is revealed that Bo's real father is Victor Kiriakis. On Hope's 18th birthday, she and Bo decide to make love but Doug tries to stop them and suffers a heart attack, and Hope agrees never to see Bo again.

There were plastic surgery marks, so this could have been another fishy dealing with Stefano. Free from the responsibility to the police department, Bo thought that he could get further. Hope eventually becomes a cop.