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This is basically like stabbing your friend in the back. If someone else is saying nasty things about your friend when she's not around, it's your duty to be like, "Hey.

Neither Simon nor Irons has ever commented on the claims. Just doing it on your own is shady and is probably going to make her mad. Singer Carly Simon is pictured with Lothario Warren Beatty in Massachusetts in July In she was on the cusp of her singing career, crooning with Lucy left in a glamorous double act called the Simon Sisters.

You never know - she could still have feelings for this person. Her affair with Jagger coincided with her falling in love with another musician, James Taylor. Girl code is all about women standing together and by judging other women when you don't even know anything about them, you're not exactly standing together with other women.

Everyone knows that a friend's ex is off-limits, especially if they dated for a very long time and she still isn't over him. The family enjoyed an apparently gilded existence living in New York but as the youngest of his three daughters, Carly makes it clear that her difficult relationship with him coloured those with other men in her life.

Her affair with Jagger, on the other hand, took years to come about.

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Since I Getting discouraged online dating wanted to celebrate the season two premiere, here are a list of girl code rules you should always follow.

Back in New York after her Atlantic dalliance with Sean Connery, she soon fell for a far more shameless womaniser in the shape of Jack Nicholson.

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Boyfriends included film director Terrence Malick, Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton and Cat Stevens — who inspired Simon to write a hit song, Anticipation, when he kept her waiting for a dinner date.

After they met at a party, Nicholson waved farewell to his girlfriend for the night and promptly asked Simon if they could adjourn to her flat.

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If your friend dated this dude years and years ago and if it was never anything too serious, it's probably fine to go for him yourself - BUT you have to talk to her about it first. It's okay to spend a lot of time with your BF when you first start dating, but don't totally ditch your friends to be with a guy.

It's not okay, ever. On the eve of their wedding inhe received a call from the then Mrs Jagger, the Nicaraguan-born Bianca. Simon and Taylor divorced inwhich is where her memoirs end. Do you follow these girl code rules? In another episode that must have been bewildering for the adolescent Carly, Andrea had an affair in the family home with their male nanny, which her husband pretended to ignore.

Before even introducing himself, he asked: Remind her of just how awesome she is and give her a huge hug. This is another huge Girl Code rule - stop calling other girls sluts! We all have those days! Remember who will be there for you when something goes wrong with that guy.

Somehow, I doubt it. Have enough respect for her to ask if she's cool with it. They drank coffee on her fake fur sofa before the actor off-handedly asked: Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Dating a friend's crush is just plain mean.

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Now, I know some of these might be difficult to follow. She urged Taylor to call off the wedding, telling him Simon was cheating on him with her husband. ShutterStock Always Defend Your Friend A huge girl code rule is to always defend your friends when someone else is talking trash about them.

Carly Simon's memoirs reveal the astonishing A-list notches on her bedpost.

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I had to tell a friend I caught her BF cheating. They met Sean Connery, with four James Bond films under his belt, who was a major star Highly sexed, an heiress, clever, determined and possessed of the endless legs and voluminous pout that could turn the head of even the biggest star, Simon worked her way relentlessly through many of the most famous names of the Seventies.

I don't care what she's doing or who she's having sex with or how many people she's hooked up with.

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Here are your girl code rules that you must follow: And you need to be a good wingwoman - no flirting with her guy or standing there silent.