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At about this time, Brian McGovern, who was a regular visitor to the USA, tried to get some interest going in an international canine dressage competition. It was around this time that a number of the senior members of this organisation decided to form a new club which was to be called Canine Freestyle GB who are now organising their own shows.

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On the way to a covert meeting with Lemansky, Gardocki and Mackey are tailed by Kavanaugh's agents. It was then that Peter Lewis suggested that if we wanted to move it forward, we should hold a competition and an event was planned to be held at Coventry. There is no reason why you cannot start a basic kind of class, even if it is little more than doing an obedience round to music and then add on the extras as you go along.

Well, that is how it all started and how it spread worldwide, but where does it go from here and what can it do for obedience?


He is off the clock". In he saw the first demonstration of agility at Crufts. She was one of the first British handlers to work a brown and white collie, and that was the dog she joined Rugby Dog Training Club with. It is interesting to note that probably the first person who had an idea of turning it into a competition suggested that to John Gilbert on the night, that was Nigel Cutts although he has probably forgotten by now.

To explain why a member of the Strike Team would be missing in action so often, it was established that Mackey often has Gardocki run errands.

Frustrated at her inability to prosecute Mackey for the heinous actions he admits to, ICE agent Olivia Murray tells Mackey that she has enough evidence to send Gardocki to prison for life and will have him arrested after the conclusion of the cartel investigation.

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When the real thief is revealed as Vendrell's girlfriendGardocki states that it is not safe for any member to use the loot, given that the police are still looking for the identity of the people behind the heist.

In the series finale, Mackey's treachery is revealed when Gardocki is arrested for his crimes, though he does apparently feel guilty for having sold Gardocki out.

The camera captures Mitchell ordering Vendrell to kill Mackey, an act that leads to Mitchell's eventual arrest.

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For the first few seasons they were shown to be good friends, albeit not as close as Shane was to the other two. The first thing you could talk about is the name. Gardocki reveals to Mackey that he had long suspected the latter's involvement and that he understood why Mackey did what he did.

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Their friendship heals to an extent when the Strike Team re-forms. But Donelda started when she was asked to do a demonstration in Jersey in about When Lemansky's actions cause tension between him and Vendrell, Gardocki attempts to mediate between the two.

Their plan succeeds in eliminating the Armenians, but Vendrell escapes and realizes he had been set up. Once more the BBC turned down the lights in the arena and highlighted Mary and Quincy with spotlights. After Vendrell's estrangement from the team following his murder of Lemansky, Vendrell reveals the truth about Crowley in order to drive a wedge between the two remaining members of the Strike Team.

Vendrell tries to lure Gardocki away from Mackey's side, but Gardocki remains angry at Vendrell, refusing to betray Mackey or even engage in small talk with when the two are forced to work together on a stakeout.

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Then of course John became one of the people who decided that agility was probably a little more exciting and that was where his future lay in dogs. If you have not got anyone in your club who is at this moment a HTM person, then there are books on sale now and training videos.

When gang leader Antwon Mitchell orders Vendrell to kill Mackey, Gardocki tells Lemansky that he hopes Mackey kills Vendrell during their next meeting.

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Kavanaugh finds discrepancies in some of the team members' finances a result of their using money from the "Money Train" heistbut Gardocki escapes suspicion due to careful management of his share of the money. She has since become the top exponent of HTM in Austria.

Manuela Nassek saw Mary at Crufts in or and went back and started to train herself some of the moves and put them into a rudimentary routine. When he and his family goes on the run, Gardocki fears that if caught they will testify against him and Vic to receive better deals.