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They had no names, only numbers on their backs. The labor camps were to house inmates whose sentences exceeded three years, and the industrial and agricultural colonies were to house inmates whose sentences were under three years.

For some the interrogations were that day, and for others it never came and their lives were lived out in the dirty cells. The purpose of the Order was to get the suspect in front of a military tribunal to be separated into one of two categories. They slept only on wooden boards and were given blankets after three years with all good behavior.

Thesis On Gulags

About one-third of all inmates were Mensheviks and imprisoned to be silenced. Below is a chart on bread rationing in the Kolyma camp system.

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Lenin had established the first camp on an isolated island above Arkhangelsk, near the Barents Sea, as a place for political dissidents who had fought against the revolution. The menu of food for the prisoners was staggeringly monotonous. If a person was suspected of illegal activities, the local authorities were contacted.

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In the worse camps of northern Russia and Siberia a convict needed to get transferred to medical work or to the kitchen in order to get by. The author highlights the importance of economic motives in the politburo's policy.

Some were for solitary confinement, some for two, three, five, twenty, and even thirty or forty people in a single cell. Key to understanding the gulag, Applebaum says, is the realization that accounts by those who experienced life in these camps may be incomplete.

They did not give a toss for the human tragedy or for conventional morality. With very little bread and no increased rations in other foods to make up for the loss, six to seven million people died in alone.

In alone, the estimated delivery amount of prisoners was three thousand.

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It is one of the merits of Applebaum's survey that she shows not only the horror but also the stupidity of Vorkuta, Kolyma and Norilsk.

This was rare, as Gulag personnel almost always found a reason to punish prisoners. The consequent need arose for serial replenishment of convicts. A more legitimate health concern that could get them leave from work was a serious illness such as typhoid, pneumonia, or severe frostbite.

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Those charged with this crime thus have a section of their own.