Singer New Family Model 12 and 13 sewing machine Singer New Family Model 12 and 13 sewing machine

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The Singer K was the same machine without the tubular bed, it also had the lift up fabric table like the K Both the K and K were tiny machines known as the original Singer Featherweight machines.

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This machine slides into a panelled box case see below which has an accessory compartment fixed within the case. One tested around 1, SPM, the same result as one of my 's. For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.


According to the Singer company records it appears small batches of this model started being commissioned in January at the company's Kilbowie factory and production continued until after The Featherweight makes the seem very slow.

My Featherweight was 21 inches or 1, SPM, better than the test above. Unusually the hand crank has a bone handle.

Various decal patterns were used on these machines and although the Singer company did not name most of the decal patterns over the years collectors have given them various descriptive names.

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They took years of engineering knowledge that would revolutionize sewing machines of tomorrow with an entirely new style of electric family sewing machine. The Singer has a horizontal rotary hook with drop-in bobbin.

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Find sewing machine model number from serial number Search Knowledgbase GO Find sewing machine model number from serial number We often are asked for sewing machine parts to fit a Singer F Licenses can be purchased only through the agency "Culture Management Berlin".

You must be asking yourself, Why did Singer Customer Service for all these years, and even today, give out the incorrect information?

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The date of commissioning for Singer sewing machines is available online go to Singer Machine Serial Numbers. The "Athena" electronic sewing machine was made at Anderson.

Being very curious I decided to conduct my own test.

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It had better sales than the Singer K and K in the overseas market combined. These years are not completely accurate and are only the years of the entire allotted serial numbers of NA, NB and NC Why didn't anyone ever let me in on this secret? These attachments and other popular Singer Fashion Aids will enable you to obtain the much desired tailored appearance of professionally-made garments and to add the new fashion touches demanded by swiftly changing styles at a fraction of the cost of ready-made garments.

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Statements from sewing machine repairmen, collectors, owners all say the same thing: The Singer from soldin 25 years. Did you notice anything strange about the and advertisements?

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Its bobbin had to be inserted into a bobbin case, then the case was inserted into the machine vertically to the left of the needle. The dates given below are the days on which those batches were started, together with the number of machines in each consignment. This machine has a bentwood case with hasp.

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Unfortunately not many parts are available for machines of this age. My was You would think with the same motors the and would have a fairly close SPM, but this is not the case.

It always look a neater machine because of its compact size.

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You can refer to the Featherweight Historical Timeline for more details about those changes. It is in beautiful condition with hardly any wear to the decals, note the Singer name now appears on the arm of the machine.

If you do not find your machine serial number listed in the charts, then further in the text below will be more references and info.