San E & Raina - A Midsummer Night's Sweetness Lyrics (English & Romanized) San E & Raina - A Midsummer Night's Sweetness Lyrics (English & Romanized)

San e and raina dating. Main bar - horizon beach resort

From picking up the tab to amusing conversations, the two show what dates can be like.

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The two join forces in a very sweet way to express summer love. The pair seems familiar and approachable.

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Interspersed with the cute story are cuts with San E rapping and Raina singing, in a very familiar looking room. However, what gives the more classic feel is the synthesizer.

The MV and song are genuinely enjoyable and sweet. is no longer available.

Understandably sets get used constantly, but a little less obviousness would be appreciated. The MV gives the sense of a first date, and does so very cutely.

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Let the utter cuteness and awkwardness of a first date begin! Also, the two actually fit well together.

The feelings of the night leave the couple happy and they end on a high note, with thoughts of sweet dreams. The pair even had screen and line time together, with no one person overshadowing the other. Finding her vocals surprising lightly soulful and nuanced, she works well with the song, and really fits the mood needed.

While having a sleepless night, a pair of old acquaintances meets up for beers and to hang out.

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The same goes for the light drum and cymbals. How many people have exchanged numerous texts and messages after a nice date?

Meanwhile, Raina wakes up beautifully to start her day.

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San E and Raina seem like the everyday couple who find themselves liking each other and unwilling to end the night. This is probably due to their maturity in both age and career.

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While the track speaks of a reunion of old friends, the MV is another story. The story follows two people who appear to be strangers throughout their day, including their initial meeting and subsequent nighttime date.

San E is, probably, an overworked employee rushing off to work because he slept late.

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