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Continue reading the main story But at least a couple of phone numbers were exchanged at Daytona, and after completing the circuit, a few participants repaired to a nearby lounge area to chat some more. Please try again later. An error has occurred. Photo Chad Gilliam, a Nascar fan taking part in a speed-dating event Tourist dating Daytona Beach to promote a new Harlequin series with Nascar settings.

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InWarren branched into single-title novels with the release of Drive Me Crazy. Ann Binkley, a spokeswoman for the Borders chain of bookstores, said: Although she lives in Canada, the majority of her novels have been set in the United Statesusually in places that she has visited.

Sports is just not something we talk about at our big romance conferences.

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One of these, Flashback, became her first published novel, a July Harlequin Temptation. Both of her novels featured cameo appearances by real-life NASCAR driver Carl Edwardswho worked closely with Warren to create a "suitable fictional representation of himself. The other, Shotgun Nanny, became a Harlequin Duet.

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Credit Harlequin Mark Dyer, vice president of licensing for Nascar, said: Biography[ edit ] Warren was born and raised in VancouverBritish Columbia. For five years, she worked her way up the journalistic ladder, from answering phones to writing to editing.

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The contest, designed to highlight the new Harlequin Blaze line of category romances, required her to submit a page love scene and a synopsis for a complete book. Books about Nascar do very well, and of course romances are extremely important for us, so it will be interesting to see if the crossover happens.

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Nascar drivers — heroic, adventurous but, to judge from the books anyway, in need of a down-to-earth woman they can count on — are more in the traditional mold, so for booksellers much of the appeal of the new Harlequin series stems less from its novelty than from the power of the Nascar brand, which commands tremendous loyalty among racing fans.

In these books there is also a good deal more engine-revving, so to speak, than actual clutch-popping or rubber-burning. She worked for both government and businesses and ran her own company for a time.

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The new books will be sold in all the places Harlequins are already sold and will also be available at races and on Nascar. She wrote the first and last book in the sixteen-book series.

You are already subscribed to this email. You may opt-out at any time. Warren won the contest, giving her a contract to write her Blaze novel. She says these are her favorite lines because of "the contemporary tone, the sexy feel", and that many of them contain humour.