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Once they sat down, a McDonald's employee allegedly told them they couldn't have their dinner inside - instead turfing them outside into the freezing cold. According to their complaints, when the women reported the harassment, they were ignored or mocked, and in some cases suffered retaliation.

According to a McDonald's spokesman, this is because of of an anti-social behaviour policy.

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They sat down and then someone comes over and tells them to leave - it's embarrassing, and really no way to treat customers. McDonald's said the Erith restaurant only allows two schoolchildren in the store at a time because of anti-social behaviour.

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What's different this time, organizers said, is that all of the women bringing charges are represented by attorneys due to the defense fund's support.

Mr Haffenden, 51, said: Responding to the claims, McDonald's spokeswoman Terri Hickey said there's "no place for harassment and discrimination of any kind" in the workplace.

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The complaints, filed with the U. Among the new complainants is Tanya Harrell, 22, of New Orleans, who alleges that her two managers teased her but otherwise took no action after she told them of sustained verbal and physical harassment by a co-worker.

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Louis -- alleged groping, propositions for sex, indecent exposure and lewd comments by supervisors. We all know what the weather has been like, I can't believe they're allowed to make them get out. Activists say sexual Rockledge dating is pervasive in the fast-food industry.

The workers -- one of them a year-old from St. However, in her new response Hickey declined to say whether that review led to any changes of policies and practices aimed at curtailing such harassment.

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Attorneys for the workers plan to ask the EEOC to consolidate or coordinate the newly filed charges, as well as some of the charges that remain pending. Mark Haffenden demanded a refund after his daughter Lucy was reportedly asked to leave the restaurant because of a rule about school uniforms.

The women filing charges "want McDonald's to take sexual harassment seriously and enforce its already existing zero tolerance policy," Cervantez said. Tom Bull TomBulllll Local democracy reporter McDonald's in Erith has come under fire for a controversial policy 51 comments A father has blasted McDonald's in Erith after his year-old daughter said she was made to eat outside in the snow because of "policy".

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They cite a survey by Hart Research Associates -- conducted for three advocacy groups -- which calculated that 40 percent of female fast-food workers experience unwanted sexual behavior on the job. It's disgusting, they hadn't done anything wrong.

The company claims its franchisees are independent business owners, a stance that has complicated efforts to unionize workers across the entire McDonald's chain.

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She said they represent an effort to extend the power of MeToo to low-wage women whose predicaments haven't drawn as much attention as harassment victims in Hollywood, the media and other sectors.

Lucy, along with a friend, ordered cheeseburger meals on Monday at about 5pm - while wearing their school uniforms. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, are being announced on Tuesday, two days ahead of the company's annual shareholder meeting in Oak Brook, Illinois.