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When it finally happened, the fireworks which were supposed to go off during the wedding ceremony instead went off during their kiss. After Diggie reveals that he wants to see more of the world than Steven's point, Maddie tells him how she feels about him being gone so far away.

Then in Continued-A-Rooneyshe catches him at the airport.

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They had trouble setting things like they used to be. Diggie had to remain in Stevens Point while Maddie moved to California, leading them to continue a long-distance relationship, though Diggie will pay a few occasional visits.

Jessica Jarrell and Diggy Simmons dated each other for a few months in the year Due to some unlucky happenings, Maddie doesn't catch him in time at the school. They decide it is time to move on, but still stay good friends and possibly get back together when he is back and the time is right.

In its penultimate episode Choose-A-RooneyDiggie confesses to Maddie that he had been regretting leaving Maddie when he was in Australia.

Diggie again states that he still likes Maddie in Champ-A-Rooneyand wanted to get back together with her and stay in Steven's Point if they would get back together.

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They debut in the series premiere. He then released his debut album Unexpected Arrival which was positively undertaken as well. Diggie shows that he still as feelings for her in Video-A-Rooneyso he signed up to help film The Dream 's music video in the hope of getting to spend time with Maddie.

Diggy Simmons has the height of 5 feet and 9 inches and an amiable personality that appeals to his fans all over the world. Liv is sure that Maddie still wants to be with Diggie after she sees them have fun at Gemma and Johnny Nimbus ' wedding.

His salary and net worth has risen sharply over the years and is certainly on the rise even now. He has also released a single called Mama Said on and this has been followed by the release of his single named My Girl from his upcoming EP. This marks their first face-to-face reunion after Is star dating diggy couple of months.

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Besides that, they have a lot similarities. This leads to Diggie breaking up with Maddie.

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However, Choose-A-Rooney was filmed before they got engaged. Born to a musical family, he was interested in music since a very small age. After almost breaking up because of a misunderstanding, they shared their first kiss at midnight in New Year's Eve-A-Rooneyduring a web cam chat.

Both of them love and play basketball.


Both, Maddie and Diggie are the captain's of the Porcupines basketball teams. Finally, Maddie and Diggie get a chance to "talk" and as they were about to kiss, Joey almost interrupts them once again but fails thanks to Liv and Artie who realized what was about to happen just in time to shove him out of the way.

No details about him having a girlfriend have emerged and he has not been rumored to be dating anyone as of now.

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Due to Liv's actions, Maddie sends Diggie a sweat band while Liv hides his present and instead gives her a porcupine. It has been known that the actor and versatile personality has dated Destiny Thompson on He is a personality of American nationality and his ethnicity is mixed. on Youtube

Synopsis Diggy Simmons is the fourth child of Joseph Simmons and Critical essays on daisy miller wife and is an actor, singer, and rapper by profession. Is star dating diggy was born in Queens, New Yor.

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To make it up to her sister, she has Diggie fly in. Before, they liked each other for a long time.

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Later on when she talks with Livshe admits that she still has feelings for Diggie but is torn between him and Josh. In Co-Star-A-RooneyKaren helps Maddie to overcome her feelings for Diggie with a "cleansing ceremony" by sending away all the stuff Diggie ever gave to her among her feelings.

Diggie almost gives up on getting back together, but after Liv suggests a romantic gesture, he decides to give it a go.