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If you have any suggestions to make it better in any way, please let me know.

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Data is only as reliable as the sensors that capture it. Next, I wanted to build a stand that anyone with basic home tools could duplicate. I don't understand all the hate on the new version where the front wheel touches the wall - the rear wheel always touches the wall with the old version, so what's the difference?

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It looks and works great. The slot starts 8" from the working end and is 5" long. My only question is do you sell a wheel pad for the bottom tire that hooks to the wall to avoid wall marks?

Or, you could buy a cheap tire changer from Harbor Freight I used a radius of 8. In keeping with the whole wood tool theme, using the Marc Parnes balancer is easy to set up and use with a bit of scrap plywood screwed or clamped to the tire platform.

Hold one end on the center line of the work piece and draw a few curved lines and cut them out with the jig saw. Some people have mentioned that the hooks don't hold on the rail properly. Angelarae 4 years ago Reply Another Tire Swing tutorial suggested running the part of the chain that will touch the limb through a piece of heavy duty garden hose to protect the tree limb.

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To use the bead breaker, I just push down on the end of the handle and the tire will slowly move down towards the well. Does not do what it says it will do.

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We power this revolution. I'm sure there are more elegant solutions but this was the quickest. It appears that your system would allow us to take it down when not in use and easily re-hang it when the kids come.

The demount end works fine although I did bend the tip on the last tire removal.

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The two pieces of plywood on top in the center are there just to provide a bit of rigidity to the threaded steel rod center post. You could easily use 1 piece of plywood and use some 2x4 to add some rigidity. I used a piece of steel but it had the potential to be awfully harsh on the rim.

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They will save you time, improve efficiency and most importantly, your bottom line. You could just as easily screw the two pieces together - put the screws about 6" apart, the first one being about an inch from the end, and end up with a slimmer handle at that end.

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But overall, I'm very pleased with it. I have welding equipment, a lathe and a small mill but didn't use them for this project.

The piece for the spacers can be a bit wider. As it turned out, I don't fold it down so I ran some screws through the angled piece of plywood underneath into the wall and up into the platform to stop it from moving as I'm working.