Utilising Cloud Management Gateway and Cloud DP – Part 1 – SCCMentor – Paul Winstanley Utilising Cloud Management Gateway and Cloud DP – Part 1 – SCCMentor – Paul Winstanley

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Ensure the cert is uploaded successfully.

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I will run through both the internal and external certificate process to achieve this.

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Select the management certificate template that was created earlier. If your certificate authority has sub-ordinate CAs then you will need to export the full chain as they will be required for aut We are not onto the last of the certificates to create, the client authentication certificate.

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Choose Computer account and click Next. Repeat the process for your web server certificate and client authentication templates.

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We will use these exports upload the management certificate into Azure and to configure the CMG. With the templates in place, we need to issue them so that we can enroll them. Click the Upload link. In the Request Handling tab choose Helemaal gratis dating sites private key to be exported.

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At this point you can enter the DNS name and it will auto check for availability. Export the DER encoded binary X.

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Click Finish to complete the export. The certificate template will be available for enrollment. We created the template earlier, now we need to issue the certificate to our client devices. Note that Certificates Local Computer is in the Selected snap-ins pane.

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The next step in the certificate process, is to export the certificates so we can import them in with or without a private key.

You will be notified that the export Second life dating documentary successful. A management certificate — to be used in Azure, and when configuring the CMG A web server certificate The trusted root certificate, and any sub-ordinate certificates in the CA chain.

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But this is changing thanks to opinionated people like for example Dirk Niepoort. A client authentication certificate Start by checking that the Azure domain name that you wish to use is available, it must be unique.

Setting up the certificates Fire up your certificate authority, drill down to Certificates, right click and choose Manage.

Setting up the certificates

As mentioned, repeat the process for the management certificate. Click the Hierarchy button. Repeat the process above to create another duplicate template, this time it will be used for our second certificate, the Web Server certificate. In the MMC, double click one of the certificates, web server or management cert — it does not matter which.

Go to the Certification Path tab and double click the root.