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Harry and hermione start dating fanfiction, progress meter

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Have a good evening. Instead of a single burst, he thought about a continuous banishing.

Like I said, I'll do anything reasonable for you -- once. I have no indication from them at all, so from my point of view, it's all up to me. But in the short run, I'm protecting Ron.

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Hermione tried to push away the misery and heartbreak pouring off of the man. It was incredibly brave, even if it was pointless; he didn't spare anyone. The Defense OWL was particularly interesting; news of Potter's exploits had reached the ears of the examination committee and so they had taken to asking every fifth year if they were capable of producing a Patronus.

Still, her teasing nature could not be denied.

In fact, every boy in my dorm room, with the exception of Seamus, dreads finding a date, so I don't think I'm unusual.

Ginny pulled her wand out. Her fingers pressing against his jaw made him want to gag, but he let her open his mouth and pour the potion down his throat. She recognized Hedwig immediately.

Her wand slid into her hand.

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She sneaked a glance at Harry and saw him looking at her with a blank face. Harry applauded the Hufflepuff with the rest of the school. I have no further quarrel with you and yours. Great, just what he needed -- not! Other than relaying what had happened to him, and congratulating Hermione on her pretty smile now that she had been healed, Harry had been fairly quiet during lunch.

The magic that Harry had built up in preparation to strike sizzled further; there was nothing that could get to him as much as a parent pleading for the life of their child, particularly a parent who willingly put themselves between Voldemort and their child.

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Alas, he had yet to figure out what they all had in common, other than Professor Dumbledore. I can tell you with certainty that I will not return to the Dursleys ever again. The three stayed silent for a few minutes to let the scrutiny pass.