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I never had a real girlfriend until I was To finish off this story, I will say one final thing. He crawled over to me.

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The newcomer considers himself a super submissive bottom and said satisfying his partner's desires is his biggest turn on.

Because after we broke up, my craving for cock intensified faster than I could resist.

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All Andrew did was laugh as he continued to force his dick inside me. This size difference really turned me on, as I wanted a bigger, stronger guy to take control and treat me like the slut I dreamt of being. Fuck me harder daddy!

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The 5'3", lbs James Stirling is self-described as shy and quiet and never imagined he'd be embarking on an adventure in porn. He simply grabbed my ass cheeks, and tore an opening right over my awaiting hole.

By the age of 17, I had already discovered the art of the dildo.

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It was much bigger than I anticipated. I saw Andrew grinning as the realization that he had his own personal slave in his car struck his mind.

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BoyCrush has found its face for in the form of high school senior, James Stirling. I was on the verge of coming myself just from the pressure.

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My raging dick pulsated through my tight boxers as he crawled up behind me. All I wanted was a hookup with no strings attached.

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Andrew moaned, and I could taste the salty pre-cum beginning to form. James was nervous about his first scene but described the experience as surprisingly authentic to real life.

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I simply sat down. This was a huge step, as it meant I had transcended the boundary between fantasy and reality.

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