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Error validating nbdb backup,

Found keyword vmmono Found prompt Keep snapshot after backup not Instant Recovery Found value specification 1 These are all really the same question: Contact us about this article To assist with initial backup design choices This blog is to outline some of the possible options to avoid backing up over the Corporate LAN in Backup Exec BE.

FTL - cannot open C: Found prompt Transfer type Found default 1 Found keyword slow The performance may not be as good as SAN backup, however it will avoid bandwidth impacts on the corporate network. Found prompt Client name selection Found prompt Number of times to retry disk group split As such local data held inside the disk storage can then be backed up directly to tape without being sent via the media server.

Found keyword trantype Every Server involved in backups needs two network cards A separate LAN switch or possibly VLAN along with associated cabling is required No extra Backup Exec software license are needed The Backup LAN must be on a different subnet All remote servers involved in the Backup LAN must name resolve the media server to its second IP address The media server s must name resolve the remote servers in the backup LAN to their secondary IP addresses Clustered remote servers will need a secondary IP address within the cluster failover resource and name resolution for this resource name must also be correct on the media server and on each node of the cluster.

In practice members of technical support often see cases where customers ask something similar to the following: Found prompt Maximum Snapshots Instant Recovery only Found prompt Wait for mirror sync completion Data Mover backups only Key points about SAN transport: Found keyword mntpt Msprojwindows Log: