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In the late s, the transition to the postwar economy was hard for the city, as thousands of jobs were lost at the shipyards with the decline in the defense industry. Within this gradation, several relief regions may be distinguished.

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Rural schools receive less support than those in urban and metropolitan areas. Florence Sportsplex has baseball, softball, and soccer fields.

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State Route is also an important road to Florence and the Shoals area, serving as a four-lane link to Interstate 65 in Cullman. In the far north the Cumberland Plateau region, segmented by upper branches of the CumberlandKentuckyand Tennessee river systems, thrusts southward from Tennessee.

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Tables with umbrellas for shade are there for family picnics, and many concession stands offer food, snacks, and refreshing drinks. See Article History Alternative Title: During the s the City of Mobile integrated its police force and Spring Hill College accepted students of all races.

A lazy river flows slowly around the park, which is perfect for those who prefer more relaxed water entertainment. The diversification of agricultural production then brought a great increase in the acreage devoted to forestry, and cotton fields were given over to pasture for dairy and beef cattle.

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National Park Service maintains two national historic sites of significance to black history: It legislated what had been informal practice, enforced by convention. This association with NAI has allowed us to go beyond our borders and offer a much more comprehensive service to our clientele with greater expertise and better knowledge of the different markets.

Most parents spend time relaxing in one of many lounging chairs lining the pool under an umbrella, watching the kids have fun. At the county level the chief elected officials in Alabama are the county commissioners, judges of probate, tax assessors and collectors, and boards of education.

The Children's Museum of the Shoals is also on the park property.

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The plan has received some support from Decatur officials, some of whom would like to see the Interstate eventually extend west of Decatur and at least into Lawrence County. Occasionally, large-scale outbreaks of multiple tornadoes have turned particularly deadly and destructive in the region, as they did in April and in April Farm income has continued to rise, and the average value of a farm has multiplied many times since the midth century.

African Americans holding public office had become well-established by the s, with Birmingham electing its first African American mayor in It is a perfect place to cool off during the summer with its huge wave pool, Great White slide, fun Triple Flume slide, and a kiddie pool for the little ones.

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If you just want to relax, let the Crystal Waters River take you on a slow, easy ride a third of a mile past the other slides and rides, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

While McNally's IDB prompted the Chamber of Commerce to become more proactive in attracting new industry, the chamber effectively shut Mobile city government out of economic development decisions.

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Washington Library of Congress, Washington, D. Many early Jewish families were descendants of Sephardic Jews who had Dothan alabama dating sites among the earliest colonial settlers in Charleston and Savannah. Sweet gum and black walnut are also common, while the colourful red cedar is most abundant in the Tennessee valley and the Black Belt, with stately black cypress clustering around rivers and ponds.

Canoeing on the Coosa River near Wetumpka, Ala. As the weather gets warmer, Alabama residents flock to their municipal and local private water parks to cool off and have some fun with the kids.

It came to be settled by attorneys, cotton factorsdoctors, merchants and other professionals seeking to capitalize on trade with the upriver areas. Swimming, fishing and canoeing are some of the park's recreational activities.

Most of the thick forests are in the north and northeast. There are cabanas for rent, umbrellas for shade, and a well-stocked concession stand.

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Elevations rise to 1, feet metres in the more rugged eastern portions. Alabama is subject to severe weather, especially during the warmer months.

Although cotton has continued to be of local importance, it suffered a heavy blow with the onset of the boll weevil blight inand acreage has continued to decline.

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Waterskiing, boating, and stock-car racing rank among the most popular recreational activities among Alabamians.

The population of much of the old cotton region of the Black Belt has been declining for many decades, relocating its residents to more-urban settings.