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Dating remington ammo boxes. Antique ammunition: antique shells, antique rifle ammunition, antique ammo

Box is solid tho left end of lid is replaced and contains 3 original cartridges. Side-seal label all there but sealed only along back long edge, the other 3 sides having been slit with a sharp knife with no label loss.

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I bought a box of the REmington Accutips and the 1st three shots were all within 1. I was amazed at the accuracy. Well, here it is! Hope you can see the wear and groove. While the top label is dated, it has look closely at pic been over-pasted on a what is apparently a later label, one that wraps over the ends of a full-cover 2-pc box, a Internet dating madrid unusual combination and one which attests to the fact that this was a very slow-selling item.

Exceptional box from my personal collection. Very rare maker and in a "picture box" as well!

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I had a Tasco side mount, but had trouble keeping it tight. American Civil War Bullets: There is not even a close second. The range master was even impressed.

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When I am sitting in the clear cuts though I will be packing the new Browning x-bolt in. This box is from the George Kass collection--no better pedigree or provenance exists! All were 1 shot kills and will use them next year when I go back.

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Dave Larsen September 9, at 5: Erasure on label is only detraction. A great historic box which, incredibly and unlike most of these very early boxes which are most often found emptyretains 30 orig rds!

RTG offers antique and obsolete cartridges and ammunition shells in original boxes. Buy Civil War cartridges from this antique store. When I found out they were on sale and I didnt even know it until I got my reciept I immediately went back and got 4 more.

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Ammo all original as well. While some of them are used ammunition, others have remained in their original boxes and casings for decades. I recovered 4 slugs, with the springbok and duiker pass thrus. Been trying to zero in at and have been all over the place.

I am by no means a Remington fan but I have to give the engineers props on these wonderful slugs.

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Most collectors go to auctions or antique stores to purchase antique ammunition, other collectors prefer to shop online. Who you are with. As handgun ammo was taxed in certain southern and eastern states, the "Rifle" callout was intended to fool the bureaucrats of the day into thinking this loading was for some un-named rifle.

Online antique ammo store that provides lots of collectible cartridges and shotgun shells. Listing of collectible ammunition, including blanks, cartridges, ammunition shells, clips, and others.

Yes, I bought some more of the Remington Sportsman Steel. Tried everything from cleaning the bore after every shot, to letting the barrel cool between shots.

Solid in all respects including the yellow side label which appears to be still sealed along the back edge.