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Dating alone ep 9 eng sub, subtitles index

Yong Yong gets up and yells at him, telling him that the bike is hers and he owes her a new bike. Yun Jie heads off to a meeting, but not before reminding that the office has to be perfectly clean when he gets back.

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Before they leave, Yun Jie tells the hidden Yong Yong that she needs to use this opportunity to save her skin. He gets out and checks his own car first heheand says that at least nothing was hurt.

Yun Jie voiceovers that because there were so many reasons that led them to meet, at that very moment when they met, the rain stopped, and the sun peeked through the clouds. He looks into other orphanages in the area, clearly more interested in helping the orphans than Yun Jie ever was.

Yun Chao calmly tells them that he will continue with the project. Yun Jie tries to leave the scene, only to have Yong Yong sit behind his car to prevent him. She is about to be assigned to clean the office of the new hotel president the hotel was purchased by the Tian Yu Group last weekwho is rumored to be exacting, demanding, and Dating alone ep 9 eng sub.

She tells Yun Jie to stop being such jerk and let her clean it up, since her new boss is a real stickler for cleaniness. The guests are Ming Dao and Annie Chen, supposedly back from their honeymoon.

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The inherent dramatic crescendo of music is missing, and all we get are the voiceovers that tell us this moment will later be remembered as something special. During which time Ming Dao and Annie are totally sniggering and watching these two bicker. Mwahaha, in your dreams, Yun Jie!

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We find out that Yong Yong arrived at the orphanage when she was eight and lived there for seven years. Her stepmother reminds her to not skimp on bringing home the dough.

Yong Yong is at the orphanage visiting with the kids when Yun Chao arrives to meet with the director.

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He derides the love letter, and she questions why he thinks she wrote it. He recites the love letter something about such a surprising meeting leaving an indelible impression and such flowery languageand then hands it to her along with all the presents.

The subordinate reminds him that he works so late and arrives so early its hard for the cleaning staff to clean during his few off hours.

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Yun Chao seems an interesting character already. He shows them a file he created showing orphanages he has contacted, which have agreed to take the kids. There are no histrionics, a lack of big dun-dun-dun moments, no gotcha reveals, and plenty of believable and reasonable discussions that create this memorable love story.

This is the best performance I have seen from Janine and Mike.

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But what I love about SH is how it never dawdles on milking any moment. She cannot make another mistake, because his rule is perfection and cleanliness.

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Her confusion pisses him off more, and he stands up and approaches her. What I like most about this episode is how the tone remains so calm and controlled, every scene flowing into the next, every conversation interesting and brisk.

When Yong Yong is cleaning, she hears Yun Jie arriving, and she runs to hide because of his warning not to let him see her. Yong Yong is kind but has a short temper, loyal but not a pushover, hardworking but pragmatic.

She finds out from her supervisor that the new boss is young and handsome. The two older sisters following Yong Yong to the hotel, with first sister using this opportunity to try and entice him.

Yun Jie arrives at his office, and tells his subordinate that whomever is cleaning is office needs to be fired. He tries to leave and she grabs his arm, ripping his jacket. She goes to get a mop, during which time Yun Jie brings his guests into the hotel and arrive at that same elevator. He warns her again NOT to let him see her cleaning his office.