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Victor Borgein Dating a fat girl in high school stage show. Monica's Formerly Fat past is used for a lot of comic relief and a source of insecurity with her. Winnie, aka Geomancer, in the Whateley Universe.


Princess Theredras, in the World of Warcraft dungeon Maraudon. Music The various women mentioned in the "Pro's and Con's" segment of the Caravan song "The Dabsong Conshirtoe" are dismissed after the singer notes their large size.

Etta is a notable aversion for being something of an Action Girlnot the slightest bit insecure, and frequently important to the plot; although still serving as Plucky Comic Relief.

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She even has a side-quest that involves gathering food from different kingdoms. Paige, the villain's assistant, starts off as a skinny and insecure woman with a crush on her boss.

Galko-chana chubby girl who plays on the girls' soccer team at Galko's school.

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Gluttony from Bedazzled In one memorable scene from the earliest chapters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Brittney from Gonebooks 2 and 3, although she is not comic relief and her weight is only mentioned once.

There's Lacey Greene, Hershel's oldest daughter, who is the heaviest member of the Greene family. Tamako in Silver Spoon. Her mother, Therazane ruler of all earth elementals is almost completely spherical. However, the series being what it isshe doesn't play it as straight as you might think, considering she seems to be negotiating the razor's edge that is the Dreadfort quite well.

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Something of a subversion; while Sookie is skittish, her weight is never mentioned by anyone, she's never seen as fretting about being on a diet, and despite being a chef there's never a single "Ho ho, she should stop sampling her own products" crack made.

Somewhat subverted eventually, when her normal world best friend-come-boyfriend is still her best friend and falls in love with her in the alternate universe as well. Oddly, the player consensus is Saif ali khan dating the human female model is also overweight, even though she's really just an example of Hollywood Pudgy.

While there are a fair share of jokes about Nikuko's weight, she's still fairly athletic and gets her fair share of attention from the male students. However, Faye manages to beat Dora at treadmill running when Penelope drags them to the gym. In fact, given that a major aspect of her personality is how irritating she personally finds the trope, it probably counts as a Deconstruction.

Why won't you tell me I'm better than you, you diabetes whore!? Laura Quinones from Carrusel Harper from Wizards of Waverly Place is the best friend of the show's main character Alex Russo and is often known for her outrageous fashion ensembles that she designs herself.

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Also, it annoyed fans that she was praised by the judges whereas the former plus-sized models were more or less singled out by them. The Danielle Steel novel Big Girl features a Hollywood Pudgy protagonist who might actually even be a Big Beautiful Woman —although she's spent her whole life as The Unfavorite to her slim sister and is plagued by insecurities about her looks and her weight, she's very successful professionally and has a decent dating life, even being engaged by the book's conclusion.

Harvey Comics never met an anvilicious name they didn't like. That's exactly what the script says. The same could be said of Marigold. Unfortunately, her confidence would sometimes come across as arrogance and she also made the mistake of declaring herself better than all the other, more popular plus-sized models from the previous cycles.

The main character of Real Drive has two friends, a lithe and athletic one and a fairly pudgy one. Millie the Model 's friend Daisy is a relatively happy and well-adjusted example of the type.

An alternate universe episode also establishes that if she was still fat, none of her previous boyfriends would have dated her and she'd be a virgin. It turns out the princess's arranged boyfriend Chikara is a fat guy himself and a Chubby Chaserso things work out anyway.

They even go out of their way to assure Marigold of this.