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Dating a damaged woman, find the good stuff

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A emotionally damaged woman needs nothing but support and a sense of security from you. Have you ever waited around for a damaged man or woman? In his grandiose mind, you have an altar erected in your basement in his honor, complete with fragrant incense and foodstuffs as offerings to the gods.

But it doesn't take a degree in abnormal psychology to figure out that your on pretty heavy rotation in his romantic fantasy file.

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Rely on the reality of the world, not on what you wish the world was. The Dark Triad Man has an internal locus of control, and does not succumb to the pressure of the hard sale.

This is what we call the Broken Woman Syndrome.

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He Plants Seeds of Hope for the Future The repressed, non-committal masochist is often quite adept at the art of conversation.

She is a predator, who seeks not to heal but to ravage.

3 Red Flags Of The Damaged Woman - DARK TRIAD MANĀ®

You will reel in shock at the realization that your family has distanced from you. The reality may be that you created this damage yourself.

Guys like seeing the occasional hint of vulnerability so that they can be protective and reassuring.

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The first red flag of the damaged woman is her crazy speed. This is because sometimes she will show extreme interest in you. He breathes heavily in your ear for a few moments. A long, awkward silence ensues as he eagerly waits for you to extrapolate on your dalliances with Darius.

You will, however, restore your life. Activities that you once enjoyed will see her start to participate, then insist on her presence, then rage if you attend without her.

Are we worth it?

Two weeks later, his back hurts. You refuse to take the bait, and he begins rattling off questions like an un-medicated kid with ADHD and a paintball gun.

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This article is in no way intended to condone or endorse any emotional, physical, financial, or other type of abuse by any person against another. If you have brought this situation upon yourself, you must consider whether it exists because of ongoing issues you create and whether it is a permanent damage that cannot be healed through changes in your own behavior.

But whether you stay or go, heal or abandon, there is one thing you must keep permanently in mind and maintain with a deep and persevering focus.

Have you ever waited around for a damaged man or woman?

This information will typically be sought out within the first three minutes of seeing him, and with the subtlety of a Mac truck going miles per hour. The Dark Triad Man pays heed to these red flags of the damaged woman and he ensures that he takes appropriate and immediate action to secure himself, his name, his freedom, his property and his children, if he has them, from the depredations of the crazy and the sick.

But hey, dysfunctional people need love too. Do not display reaction. Do you wish to stay in the marriage?