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Under the impression this was a computer glitch, I attempted to make another account under a different name. Despite being denied full access under any name, all still received regular e-mailings from Datehookup.

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This information is accurate as possible. Then I realized that this was not only deceiving to me, but to all the advertisers on the site as well. If so, you undoubtedly have run into problems that you thought would be resolved through communication with customer service.

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Next time you have a problem, drop Dustin a line. Your search for a telephone number to call or address to direct written correspondence was both frustrating and fruitless.

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His home telephone number is [protected]. Afterall, Datehookup's records would reflect at least five 5 active accounts just for me when really none existed.

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Chances are you either received no response, or your problem remained unresolved. I found this an odd situation, since Geek speed dating toronto was still able to access my own Profile when signed on, and it still appeared as though I could post commentary in Pennsylvania Chat.

Well, I am here to help.

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This is not as obvious as one might expect. I sent an e-mail to customer service which was not responded too. I then embarked on my campaign to find out who was actually behind Datehookup for the purpose of issuing a warning prior to contacting all of their advertisers on an executive level. His nickname on the site is merely "Dustin".

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A few months later, with no notice or warning, I was told by other members who were friends of mine that I was no longer appearing in their "favorites" section, they could no longer access my Profile and a search for "nicknames" could not locate my account. Maybe he won't be so cavalier with personal calls as he is with customer service The telephone number for this business where you can reach Mr.

If you have an unresolved problem, perhaps you would like to communicate with the owner directly. This address is believed to be his home address, although I have not telephoned any neighbors, voter's registration or real estate property assessor as yet to confirm.

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Any number of active members provided to advertisers would be askew. This new account was met with the same problems, and there was no notice that the account was awaiting approval. Each "nickname" a member chooses is linked to a given single email address. You can have multiple nicknames and Profiles only if you have a different email address for each, which is not a problem if you are with an ISP like AOL.

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Online Dating Services Datehookup. When returning to chat after posting, my comments were not available to view. I joined the site this past summer under a particular nickname. The same problem was attendant to three other nicknames, all with different AOL email addresses.

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Nov 27, 28 comments Have you ever been a member, or put forth any effort to become a member of the free on-line dating service known as Datehookup. You first need to know whether or not you are still an "active" member of the community. The owner of Datehookup.

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