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Narrowing down the date beyond that with certainty may not be possible based on current information. For example, a triangle may indicate, or One such clue is the case signature. There is no date code on the case; the code was located on the movement.

Write this number down and compare it to the charts on this website. If there is no two symbols, it could be that your watch was made before Additionally, I have some late s models that bear no date identification that I can determine. Modern Bulova Watches To the best of our knowledge, the Bulova brand is currently owned by Citizen who still produces watches under the Bulova name.

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Over the years, Bulova used a variety of codes that allow you to date the case simply by comparing the code to a reference. This will give a good idea of the manufacture date.

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Under Joseph Bulova's guidance, Bulova became a world-leader in the mass production of reliable, good-quality wristwatches. All factors discussed here should be considered together to make the best possible date assessment.

The school also housed an extensive horological library, recreation facilities, and a full kitchen and dining room.

This exception is particularly true of solid gold and silver models made in the s and s.

Including Date Codes and Date Symbols

Rather, the date must be "de-coded" using symbols, serial numbers, and two-character codes placed on various parts of the watch. At that time, Bulova started using with regularity standard date codes on the movement. Before we move on to the s, we need to consider exceptions to the serial number method of dating a Bulova watch.

Below are images showing the two patent dates that often cause confusion. Note that the date codes prior to also used a different format — they are graphical symbols, as shown in the chart below.

It is important to note that both the movement code and the case serial number provide only a year within a decade, but they do not give any clue as to the correct decade.

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For one such movement list visit Bulova Movements. Instead, they have a serial number that begins with a letter, such as "G" or "I", rather than a number.

If serical number records are available for your watch, here's how to use them: A watch that has mismatched parts should be fully disclosed as such. Additionally, the case serial numbers on those early watches tend to begin with "1" or "2" and appear to bear no correlation to the date the watch was made.

In fact, these watches sometimes have no case serial number at all. Facilities included a medical department on school premises which housed an infirmary, dispensary and exercise room.

Rather they bear one of the "American Standard" case signatures. In the 's Bulova incorporated a symbol system to date the watches they manufactured.

On the top floor of the Observatory an expert mathematician took readings that were simultaneously recorded on a chronograph located in the lower floors of the building. Consultation with online movement lists may provide at least ballpark information regarding the date of the watch.

They were the first watch company to market watches specifically to women, and the first company to open a school for disabled veterans that provided them with care, employment opportunities, and a marketable skill after the war more below.